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Believe this…
Pauly Crush works magic on the dance floor. He has launched several smashing, weekly club nights in Orlando and Tampa… and this is only the beginning.

He has established himself as one of the most influential party promoter/DJs in the southeast US. He is the headlining resident at Saturday/Thursday and CRUSH in Orlando and now PULP in Tampa. The nights are all incredible. All of the hottest, international acts and ace DJs are tearing up the stage in Florida. In the next couple of months, WU-TANG CLAN, Girl Talk, Nick Catchdubs and JUSTICE are playing in Florida!

What’s happening in the world of PAULY CRUSH?
I have a lot going on. Promoting takes up a lot of time but I also run a Search Engine Optimization company in the day time. Strangely enough the downturn in the economy over the last few years has not aversely effected my portion of the internet marketing industry. So as I am trying to expand our footprint in the Florida music scene, I am also slammed with SEO work. I am a workaholic so no relationships and no sleep. just setting a lot of good things up for the FLA.

What are your favorite tracks of the moment?
My tastes change so freaking quickly. However, there are some crucial songs that I have been working into my sets over the last month or so.

Neat Girl (Yellus Remix) – 64 Revolt
An Open Letter to NYC (Chew Fu Remix) – Beastie Boys
Watch My Humps 2007 – Ferry Corsten & Black Eyed Peas
Yo! – Donovan
About You Now (About the VideoBand Remix) – Sugarbabes
The Way I Are (Mr. Gaspar Remix) Timbaland


You’re booking all of the hottest international bands and DJs. Florida isn’t always on the top of an artists’ lists to tour, how have you helped to change that?
Well first of all I can’t take credit for that. My partner Mike really does all the leg work in making sure we have great acts coming through. I am more the day of show sort of guy. Even though I am certainly involved in deciding what acts we bring and even of course love to bring DJ friends of my own in, I most enjoy the promotional aspect of this gig. I like helping broaden peoples’ musical horizons so to speak. So my favorite aspect is taking an act that everyone should know but doesn’t and getting mixes out there, flyers, hyping them up. I love the local end of development. I love to see people singing or dancing to an act that they would have never had the chance to if it weren’t for places like Firestone and Czar giving us the freedom to bring them in and promote the heck out of them.

The part I most credit to our success is the building of a lot of underdeveloped tour stops. Florida WAS hard for acts to tour through because they only had Miami. Now they have Miami, Orlando and Tampa and it turns out kids in Orlando (and maybe even Tampa) are actually willing to pay to see an act they respect. That notion is something that has to be reinstalled in Miami but the premise is this: Most people get their music for free or are only buying single songs from iTunes. If you’re an artist who is not making ends meet anymore, touring is your only way to support yourself. That, among other things is why Orlando and now Tampa has become so attractive to touring artists. We appreciate them and value what they bring.

In 2008, PAULY CRUSH will… hopefully get like a 5 day vacation sometime.


Check out some Pauly Crush re-mixes and watch out for some amazing events coming up!

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2007 has been a whirlwind year for Kid Sister! It’s been rad to see her rise to the top. She’s a rapper from Chicago and her brother/DJ is actually Josh of Flosstradamus. Kid Sister’s been touring all over the place with Flosstradamus, A Trak, etc… I saw her at SXSW last year and in Florida at S/T a couple of times. It’s a total dance party and she brings so much energy to the stage. Her shows are so much fun.


What’s happening in the world of KID SISTER?
Lots of shopping for my puppies! Well, not really even that much. Actually lots of dog care, like vet visits and grooming. FASCINATING STUFF!!
hahah jk,
I’m actually in the middle of negotiating a record deal and things are going reeeeeeal good! also, getting ready to go on my first, very own australian tour then on to mexico for a show and a nice holiday! hawaiian tropic oil here I come!

stkidsister.jpg  josh.jpg  floss.jpg

What are your favorite tracks of the moment?I still say “IHI” by Devin the Dude. I can listen to that anytime and it puts me in a good mood. I’ve also been listening to Selena, Jon B and Mint Condition. hahah!

kssxsw.jpg kssxsw2.jpg kssxsw3.jpg

What’s your craziest story from touring so far?
Riding to a show with the promoter in the trunk. WEEEEEEEIRD! 🙂

In 2008, “KID SISTER’s fucking taking theeeeeis” then will live happily ever after.


Here’s her video with Kanye West for “Pro Nails,” directed by Ruben Fleischer.

KID SISTER‘s also going to be at SXSW again this year! It’s going to be insaaane.

Disclaimer: KID SISTER is not to be confused with the KID SISTER doll from the 80s.



(photos by Pitchfork Media, Kevin Collier and me)

Breaking News + Spanish for Your Nanny

Apparently, this is shocking news in Australia…

“um, I haven’t actually talked to them because every time they call, I don’t answer… cuz yeh they’d probably kill me”

Spanish for Your Nanny

(thanks to Pauly Crush and Shawn for the links)

Randall Shreve Will Make You Smile.


Randall Shreve is in the final stages of recording his new album called The Entertainer. He is recording at Legacy Studios in New York City. Randall is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and has a gorgeous voice. I’m usually not one to mention what a musician sounds like by mentioning other ones, but I can’t help but say his voice is similar to and evokes emotion like Jimmy Gnecco and is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.

Definitely, check out his beautiful music and here is a glimpse into what he has in store for us…

What’s happening in the world of Randall Shreve?

I am playing out in New York City primarily while I record the new record. This record has been in the writing process for a while, and it’s been exciting to take it to the next level and actually get it nearly recorded.

rs-studio.jpg legacy-nyc-piano2.jpg legacy-nyc.jpg

Your new record “The Entertainer” sounds amazing. What can we expect on the new record or are you going to leave us in suspense?

“The Entertainer” is the most undiluted form of me that anyone has ever heard. It is very dark, but still pleasant. It’s so much a piece of me that I have gone through several pretty major anxiety attacks while I’ve been recording it. I just get scared of showing people this much of a clear view of me. If they don’t like this record, then it’s ME that they don’t like… not just a style or a song. So anyhow, to be a little more detailed, this record is very melodic, of course. But it’s also very quirky. It’s going to make people smile. That’s as far as I’m going for now. I’ll tell you more about it as it gets closer and I know which songs I’m keeping on the record.


What are your favorite tracks of the moment from other musicians?

“To Be In Your Arms” – Benjamin Del Shreve
“Yesterdays Pain” – Plain Jane Automobile
“The End Of The World” – Brenda Lee
“Shiny White Jackets” – April Smith

Who or what inspires you?

Benjamin Del Shreve, Jimmy Gnecco, Freddy Mercury, Jeff Buckley, night, God.

Who have been your favorite musicians to work with?

Jimmy Gnecco and Benjamin Del Shreve

What’s your best/craziest story from touring?

Every time I go to Arkansas and play shows with Benjamin, we make a new craziest story.

In 2008, Randall Shreve will… “make you feel more alive.”


I can’t wait to hear his new masterpiece.


Different TETRIS.


Check out TETRICAL. It’s an online, 3D version of TETRIS.

I haven’t played it yet, but it looks fun.

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 5 Golden Edition!


La compilation de saison Kitsuné revient, cinquième du nom, et toujours faite maison, emballée d‘or. Et sur le tamis de Kitsuné, il y a encore de quoi s’exciter, crier au gisement au milieu de la rivière. Pas mal de coins encore non visités qui risquent de connaître des popularités à la vitesse de l’éclair. Edition or avec toujours que de la nouveauté à désarçonner le plus blasé des blasés.

Kitsuné Maison compilation 5 Golden Edition, avec des titres rares et exclusifs de FISCHERSPOONER, M.I.A, CAZALS, DIGITALISM, ALAN BRAXE, THE TEENAGERS, REX THE DOG, DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?, DAVID E. SUGAR, PIN ME DOWN, AUTOKRATZ, LATE OF THE PIER, DATA, FRIENDLY FIRES, BITCHEE BITCHEE YA YA YA, KID, BIG FACE, YELLE… Sortie France, Uk le 4 Février. Déjà disponible au Japon en CD, DLP & Digital

Ecouter le mini mix de kitsuné Maison 5 sur Myspace Kitsuné

Pré vente chez RoughTrade ou déjà chez colette paris (PRE ORDER at ROUGH TRADE or at colette paris)

A l’occasion de la sortie de la Kitsuné Maison compilation 5 Kitsuné présente:


– 1 Fev : Paris @ Le Bataclan
DIGITALISM LIVE / autoKratz / Guns N’ Bombs / Gildas & Masaya / David E. Sugar
– 2 Fev : Rennes @ Ubu
autoKratz / Guns N’ Bombs / Gildas & Masaya / David E. Sugar
– 7 Fev : Toulouse @ Le Ramier
autoKratz / Guns N’ Bombs / Gildas & Masaya / David E. Sugar
– 8 Fev : Lyon @ Plateforme soirée Echos Sonores
autoKratz / Guns N’ Bombs / Gildas & Masaya / David E. Sugar
– 9 Fev : Bordeaux @ 4 Sans
autoKratz / Guns N’ Bombs / Gildas & Masaya / David E. Sugar

Kitsuné * Kitsuné on myspace * ROUGH TRADE


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