Randall Shreve Will Make You Smile.


Randall Shreve is in the final stages of recording his new album called The Entertainer. He is recording at Legacy Studios in New York City. Randall is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and has a gorgeous voice. I’m usually not one to mention what a musician sounds like by mentioning other ones, but I can’t help but say his voice is similar to and evokes emotion like Jimmy Gnecco and is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley.

Definitely, check out his beautiful music and here is a glimpse into what he has in store for us…

What’s happening in the world of Randall Shreve?

I am playing out in New York City primarily while I record the new record. This record has been in the writing process for a while, and it’s been exciting to take it to the next level and actually get it nearly recorded.

rs-studio.jpg legacy-nyc-piano2.jpg legacy-nyc.jpg

Your new record “The Entertainer” sounds amazing. What can we expect on the new record or are you going to leave us in suspense?

“The Entertainer” is the most undiluted form of me that anyone has ever heard. It is very dark, but still pleasant. It’s so much a piece of me that I have gone through several pretty major anxiety attacks while I’ve been recording it. I just get scared of showing people this much of a clear view of me. If they don’t like this record, then it’s ME that they don’t like… not just a style or a song. So anyhow, to be a little more detailed, this record is very melodic, of course. But it’s also very quirky. It’s going to make people smile. That’s as far as I’m going for now. I’ll tell you more about it as it gets closer and I know which songs I’m keeping on the record.


What are your favorite tracks of the moment from other musicians?

“To Be In Your Arms” – Benjamin Del Shreve
“Yesterdays Pain” – Plain Jane Automobile
“The End Of The World” – Brenda Lee
“Shiny White Jackets” – April Smith

Who or what inspires you?

Benjamin Del Shreve, Jimmy Gnecco, Freddy Mercury, Jeff Buckley, night, God.

Who have been your favorite musicians to work with?

Jimmy Gnecco and Benjamin Del Shreve

What’s your best/craziest story from touring?

Every time I go to Arkansas and play shows with Benjamin, we make a new craziest story.

In 2008, Randall Shreve will… “make you feel more alive.”


I can’t wait to hear his new masterpiece.



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