Believe this…
Pauly Crush works magic on the dance floor. He has launched several smashing, weekly club nights in Orlando and Tampa… and this is only the beginning.

He has established himself as one of the most influential party promoter/DJs in the southeast US. He is the headlining resident at Saturday/Thursday and CRUSH in Orlando and now PULP in Tampa. The nights are all incredible. All of the hottest, international acts and ace DJs are tearing up the stage in Florida. In the next couple of months, WU-TANG CLAN, Girl Talk, Nick Catchdubs and JUSTICE are playing in Florida!

What’s happening in the world of PAULY CRUSH?
I have a lot going on. Promoting takes up a lot of time but I also run a Search Engine Optimization company in the day time. Strangely enough the downturn in the economy over the last few years has not aversely effected my portion of the internet marketing industry. So as I am trying to expand our footprint in the Florida music scene, I am also slammed with SEO work. I am a workaholic so no relationships and no sleep. just setting a lot of good things up for the FLA.

What are your favorite tracks of the moment?
My tastes change so freaking quickly. However, there are some crucial songs that I have been working into my sets over the last month or so.

Neat Girl (Yellus Remix) – 64 Revolt
An Open Letter to NYC (Chew Fu Remix) – Beastie Boys
Watch My Humps 2007 – Ferry Corsten & Black Eyed Peas
Yo! – Donovan
About You Now (About the VideoBand Remix) – Sugarbabes
The Way I Are (Mr. Gaspar Remix) Timbaland


You’re booking all of the hottest international bands and DJs. Florida isn’t always on the top of an artists’ lists to tour, how have you helped to change that?
Well first of all I can’t take credit for that. My partner Mike really does all the leg work in making sure we have great acts coming through. I am more the day of show sort of guy. Even though I am certainly involved in deciding what acts we bring and even of course love to bring DJ friends of my own in, I most enjoy the promotional aspect of this gig. I like helping broaden peoples’ musical horizons so to speak. So my favorite aspect is taking an act that everyone should know but doesn’t and getting mixes out there, flyers, hyping them up. I love the local end of development. I love to see people singing or dancing to an act that they would have never had the chance to if it weren’t for places like Firestone and Czar giving us the freedom to bring them in and promote the heck out of them.

The part I most credit to our success is the building of a lot of underdeveloped tour stops. Florida WAS hard for acts to tour through because they only had Miami. Now they have Miami, Orlando and Tampa and it turns out kids in Orlando (and maybe even Tampa) are actually willing to pay to see an act they respect. That notion is something that has to be reinstalled in Miami but the premise is this: Most people get their music for free or are only buying single songs from iTunes. If you’re an artist who is not making ends meet anymore, touring is your only way to support yourself. That, among other things is why Orlando and now Tampa has become so attractive to touring artists. We appreciate them and value what they bring.

In 2008, PAULY CRUSH will… hopefully get like a 5 day vacation sometime.


Check out some Pauly Crush re-mixes and watch out for some amazing events coming up!

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